26. Juli 2012 um 12:18 Uhr

Software Development like a Viking

I just stumbled upon the Viking laws. As the author states, they seem to perfectly fit with software development. Who need the agile manifesto, let’s refer to the viking laws! :-D

§1 Be brave and aggressive.
Be direct.
Grab all opportunities.
Use varying methods of attack.
Be versatile and agile.
Attack one target at a time.
Don’t plan everything in detail.
Use top quality weapons.

§2 Be prepared.
Keep weapons in good condition.
Keep in shape.
Find good battle comrades.
Agree on important points.
Choose one chief.

§3 Be a good merchant.
Find out what the market needs.
Don’t promises what you can’t keep.
Don’t demand overpayment.
Arrange things so that you can return.

§4 Keep the camp in order.
Keep things tidy and organized.
Arrange enjoyable activities which strengthen the group.
Make sure everybody does useful work.
Consult all members of the group for advice.

On DZone is also an link to an post found, where those laws a explained a little further :)

Happy coding!

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