8. Oktober 2015 um 08:03 Uhr

Convert DZSlides presentation to PDF

Given you have created and given a presentation based on DZSlides (maybe powered by AsciiDoctor & Gradle ;-) ), you might have the need to publish it at one point.
One of the most compatible way is to put the slides into a PDF, but that might not be as much obvious as you might expect. Here is one approach:

* Convert the slides to png files using the slides2png script:

groovy ./dzslides/scripts/slides2png file:///Users/markus/Documents/20151001_Presentation/slides/src/slides.html

As the script it uses GEB to utilize the browser and take screnshots from your slides, it requires a fully qualified URL to find your presentation. In this case, it resides on the filesystem, so it starts with file:// – you could also fire up a minimal HTTP server (python -m SimpleHTTPServer , anyone? ;-) ) to shorten the URL.

* The results are safed in /tmp/geb-reports by default, including a presentation.pdf file that is the desired PDF. Voilà :-)

Have fun!

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