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Lazybones Template for Dolphin Platform Jumpstart

As Hendrik stated rightfully in his post about the Dolphin Platform Jumstart maven archetype, Starting with a new technology is often hard.
To make getting started with the Dolphin Platform in combination with Gradle easier for a broader audience, Maxim and me created a lazybones template for the jump start project of the Dolphin Platform during the last Hackergarten in Basel.

It is based on the maven archetype (and adopting the actual example project from there) but is completely build with gradle and provides some other improvements like an integrated build for the polymer client.

You can find it’s source project at

To actually use the template you need to have lazybones installed. The easiest way to get it is via SDKMAN.
So first, let’s install that:

$ curl -s | bash 

(Windows users: look for the Powershell version)

Then, we can use it to install gradle and lazybones:

$ sdk install lazybones
$ sdk install gradle

Next register the dolphin-platform-lazybones-templates repository with Lazybones‘ config file. Edit $USER_HOME/.lazybones/config.groovy

bintrayRepositories = [

If everything is fine, issuing the command

$ lazybones list

should list the Dolphin Platform template:

Available templates in canoo/dolphin-platform-lazybones-templates


Now, we can use it to create a new Dolphin Platform project:

$ lazybones create dolphin-platform-spring-boot MyProject

The generated project contains a complete Gradle build, so you can use that to import it into your IDE that supports Gradle (like Eclipse or IntelliJ).

To get an idea on how to proceed from here, have a look at the README of the generated project.

If you have any questions about Dolphin Platform you can now use the “dolphin-platform” tag at stack overflow. If you are new to Dolphin Platform, find more about it on

Happy coding :)

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