4. Mai 2023 um 21:49 Uhr

DynDNS services in 2023

As DynDNS asked me to pay (too much) for their services, I decided to look after an alternative and asked around to learn what is en vouge to use „nowadays“.

The options suggested to me were

I ended up using dynv6 for now, mostly as the setup to use my personal domain was absolutely straight forward and their clean and well documented webUI was very inviting to me! :)

One thing to note: The help page works, but is in regard of the fritzbox update URL not completly uptodate and does not show a HTTPS url. So it´s the following I would suggest to use<domain>&token=<username>&ipv4=<ipaddr>&ipv6=<ip6addr>&ipv6prefix=<ip6lanprefix>

They also have a dynv6 community forum which I didnt need to use yet ;-)

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  1. Gravatar Icon Andreas G.

    Another service I can recommend is IPv64. Has in addition to the DynDNS also monitoring features. Unfortunately you can only use your own domain with a paid subscription but with 40€ per year it is affordable.

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