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Donnerstag, den 25. Oktober 2018

JPG with OpenJDK

Some articles in the web (e.g. on stack overflow) claim that OpenJDK does not have support to write JPG images. Looking into it, I foudn that there is a JPEGImageWriter and a com.sun.imageio.plugins.jpeg.JPEG included with OpenJDK 11 (looking at version 11.0.1). But this code does not produce an JPG as expeced: BufferedImage bufferedImage = generateImage(new […]

Mittwoch, den 13. Juni 2018 Size Limit for FileUploads

Recently, I’ve been tinkering with a new application framework which looks quite promising so far. A good introduction is provided in the documentation, by the examples on GitHub and some nice articles on the web like „Getting Started with Micronaut“ by Jonas Havers. I had to dig a little bit to find out some […]

Montag, den 20. November 2017

JCE ab Java 8u151 per Property aktivieren

Gute Neuigkeiten: Mit Java 8 Update 151 kann man die Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) per property aktivieren, da Oracle den Mechanismus zum handling desselben, der in Java 9 etabliert wurde, auf Java8 zurückportiert hat. Auf macOS wird so das Homebrew Cask jce-unlimited-strength-policy8 überflüssig. Um JCE in Java 8 Update 151 oder neuer zu aktivieren, braucht […]

Freitag, den 10. Juni 2016

OpenJDK on RaspberryPi / Raspian: Fallback to Oracle JDK

Lately I wanted to use Java on the RaspberryPi a little more intensive. With that involved, there is of course a Gradle build. But it went not as easy a I expected. I attempted to use the openjdk-8 package, the system in question was based on a Hypriot OS 0.7.0 Berry (beta), which is based […]

Samstag, den 25. Juni 2011

Java Swing Debugging with IDEA on Linux

Dieser Beitrag wird recht technisch, und damit davon möglichst viele was haben, geht’s auf Englisch weiter Recently, I experienced some problems debugging an Java/Swing application on my Ubuntu Linux box using IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 . The problem is that java.awt grabs control of all input devices while running. If you place an breakpoint inside an […] wird erstellt mit WordPress
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