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Freitag, den 24. August 2018

Kubernetes on a RaspberryPi cluster

Recently, I decided to revive the raspberry pi cluster I used for Kubernetes-Experiments a while ago. The re-install based on the Hypriot images and installation manual was pretty much straight forward. Even though I encountered two strange things: Two of my RaspberryPi don’t want to connect via wifi. They have the very same config set […]

Freitag, den 10. Juni 2016

OpenJDK on RaspberryPi / Raspian: Fallback to Oracle JDK

Lately I wanted to use Java on the RaspberryPi a little more intensive. With that involved, there is of course a Gradle build. But it went not as easy a I expected. I attempted to use the openjdk-8 package, the system in question was based on a Hypriot OS 0.7.0 Berry (beta), which is based […] wird erstellt mit WordPress
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