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Mittwoch, den 4. November 2015

Browser UI testing with Geb: Debugging Geb tests

Geb provides a very good way for end-to-end tests of browser applications. One drawback while writing is that it might get rick to get the selectors for the UI elements right. Being able to debug, stop in the middle of a test and adjusting the selectors would come in very handy. But, as things are […]

Samstag, den 25. Juni 2011

Java Swing Debugging with IDEA on Linux

Dieser Beitrag wird recht technisch, und damit davon möglichst viele was haben, geht’s auf Englisch weiter Recently, I experienced some problems debugging an Java/Swing application on my Ubuntu Linux box using IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 . The problem is that java.awt grabs control of all input devices while running. If you place an breakpoint inside an […] wird erstellt mit WordPress
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