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Dienstag, den 6. September 2022

iOS build: CodeSign failed

In case you ever stumble over error messages like when building an iOS app with fastlane (in this case, implemented with NativeScript), try to manually unlock the keychain in your build: security unlock-keychain -p $CERT_KEYCHAIN_PASSWORD In my case, that helped in the end – manually installing WWDR certificates and other hints I found did not.

Donnerstag, den 10. Juni 2021

Upgrade to NativeScript 8

This is the message you see when you run a ns command at this time when you local installation is outdated. So, lets see what it means to upgrade an app from running with NativeScript 7.2.1 to the recent 8.0.2. Of course, there has been an interesting announcement blogpost that contains a short how-to-upgrade section and emphasises many great […]

Mittwoch, den 2. Juni 2021

Upgrading Plugins for NativeScript 7 and following

In my previous blogpost, I wrote about updating an app from NativeScript 6.5 to 8, taking 7 as the necessary step in between. The app is basically working but major functionality is missing as it crashes as soon it tries to execute functions from an internally maintained plugin. Must read when upgrading plugins: That post […]

Montag, den 26. April 2021

Upgrade to NativeScript 7 (prepare for 8)

As NativeScript 8 has been released, I think it might come in handy to document the steps taken to upgrade an app based on NativeScript 6.5 to the recent NativeScript 8. Before diving into the upgrade, it´s worth to have a look at the node ersion used: It should be at least Node 12. I […]

Donnerstag, den 3. Februar 2011

IPv6 : es wird ernst – so aktiviert man die Privacy Extensions

Nachdem heute die letzten verfügbaren IPv4 Adressräume bei der IANA vergeben wurden (, ist es nun wohl wirklich Zeit, sich mal etwas mit diesem IPv4 zu beschäftigen. Zum Beispiel mit dem Vortrag „IPv6“ von Ingo Ebel, entstanden im Seminar „Next Generation Internet“. Und da man es bestimmt in Zukunft nochmal brauchen kann, hier eine kleine […] wird erstellt mit WordPress
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